Timbaland to release an Aaliyah’s song

On December 25th Timbaland will release his debut mixtape King Stays King which will include unreleased Aaliyah track He Keeps Me Shakin’. The title is no stranger to Aaliyah’s fans, the song was previously remixed and sampled on Quit Hatin’ which was about to be released on posthumous album, but leaked in early 2013. Original He Keeps Me Shakin’ was produced by duo Key Beats and is unfinished – according to its producers, Aaliyah sang only one verse (included on Quit Hatin’) and the hook that is yet unheard to the public. However, most of Aaliyah’s fans already have the song in their vaults, so a little disappointment can be felt amongst the community. Timbaland promised to share unheard music and the hopes were for one of his originally produced tracks (the rumour is that he wanted to publish different song, but didn’t get the clearance from Aaliyah’s label, Blackground). Below you can see the video with the song snippet that Timbo posted on his instagram:

King stays King 12 25 15!!!!!!!lets get it?????snippet of babegirl 90s flow babe

Film zamieszczony przez u┼╝ytkownika Timbo the King (@timbaland)


The question is if Timbaland change the beat, that was originally produced by Key Beats and how he complete the song, that has only one verse. One sure thing is that we will get an amazing gift on Christmas time ­čÖé


With Aaliyah in our heart,

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