Static Major – 5 Years Later

Today hits the 5th anniversary of Static Major unexpected death caused by failed medical surgery. The “forgotten” genius who penned hits for Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Brandy, Destiny’s Child, Pretty Ricky, Lil’ Wayne and many others. He may be forgotten to the world, but not for us. How his legacy looks 5 years later? Unfortunatelly, not good. Not only there is still no album released (Static worked on his debut album “Suppertime”), but his songs are getting re-recorded and released by other artists… We’re not sure how much Blackground losing its distribution deal with Interscope is causing this situation, but there are rumours that “Suppertime” may be out this year. We’re hoping that the rumours are true and soon we will be able to hear some new pearls from Static discography. Meantime, enjoy the Aaliyah/Static tracks we uploaded to our AUDIO CENTER, demos and unmastered versions from “Aaliyah”, brought by Static friends and fans from Static Major Is Music and You Know I Got Soul.



With Static and Aaliyah in our hearts,
AzzIzz & Zee.

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