Site & Gallery Update!

As you can see, we changed layouts for the main site and the gallery, hope you like it! We’re also still working to complete all the sections, you can check the recently added FILMOGRAPHY and watch the VIDEOS from our Youtube account directly on the site.

We also added many new and rare photos to the gallery. If u didn’t have a chance to see the old site and its content, we bring you the whole AALIYAH.COM PHOTO SECTION with all the pictures that appeard there through the years.


The new Miscellaneous category was added, where we will upload all the photos related to Aaliyah after her passing.


As we promised, more rare and HQ pics were added to Jonathan Mannion photoshoot, including many NEVER SEEN BEFORE outtakes. More still to come!


And at last, the new official Aaliyah merchandises are available to buy! Aaliyah’s photographer, Eric Johnson, offers 2 T-shirts that contain beautiful unreleased photos from his 2001 photoshoot with BabyGirl.

And Urbanescence Apparel added new phone cases and a T-shirt, including unreleased photo from Christopher Kolk photoshoot, that will be posted exclusively on soon 🙂


With Aaliyah in our hearts,

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