Site & Gallery Update!

As you can see, we changed layouts for the main site and the gallery, hope you like it! We’re also still working to complete all the sections, you can check the recently added FILMOGRAPHY and watch the VIDEOS from our Youtube account directly on the site.

We also added many new and rare photos to the gallery. If u didn’t have a chance to see the old site and its content, we bring you the whole AALIYAH.COM PHOTO SECTION with all the pictures that appeard there through the years.


The new Miscellaneous category was added, where we will upload all the photos related to Aaliyah after her passing.


As we promised, more rare and HQ pics were added to Jonathan Mannion photoshoot, including many NEVER SEEN BEFORE outtakes. More still to come!


And at last, the new official Aaliyah merchandises are available to buy! Aaliyah’s photographer, Eric Johnson, offers 2 T-shirts that contain beautiful unreleased photos from his 2001 photoshoot with BabyGirl.

And Urbanescence Apparel added new phone cases and a T-shirt, including unreleased photo from Christopher Kolk photoshoot, that will be posted exclusively on soon 🙂


With Aaliyah in our hearts,

New fansite alert!

We’re happy to announce that a new Aaliyah fansite is on its way,, made by our friends WeLoveAaliyahHaughton, aaliyahfanpage1979, legacy_of_aaliyah and aaliyah_spain. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store, guys 😉 Wishing you good luck!



With Aaliyah in our heart, Team.

Happy 37th Birthday Babygirl!

As we promised, today we added some photos from events that Aaliyah appeared at from 2000 to 2001. Lets cherish and celebrate her life with those and many other photos that came online today, with her music, videos and movies. We have a lot to keep her memory and legacy alive. Please also remember about the #AaliyahForMAC campaign, you can track the progress on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and remember to sign the petition!

Also support Aaliyah and The Haughton Family by purchasing official Aaliyah merchandise. You can choose from Watercolor Tee by UrbanOutfitters and windbreaker, crewneck and baseball jersey created by our dear AaliyahAlways. But let me tell you the choice is hard, as all of them are amazing! Don’t forget about vibe spray and extrait de parfum by Xyrena.

We also added few rare videos to our YouTube channel. Feel free to check them out, as you may have never seen them before in high quality!

With Aaliyah in our hearts,
The Team
(AaliyahAlways, AzzIzz, Katty, Marta, Sabrina & Zee)

Timbaland to release an Aaliyah’s song

On December 25th Timbaland will release his debut mixtape King Stays King which will include unreleased Aaliyah track He Keeps Me Shakin’. The title is no stranger to Aaliyah’s fans, the song was previously remixed and sampled on Quit Hatin’ which was about to be released on posthumous album, but leaked in early 2013. Original He Keeps Me Shakin’ was produced by duo Key Beats and is unfinished – according to its producers, Aaliyah sang only one verse (included on Quit Hatin’) and the hook that is yet unheard to the public. However, most of Aaliyah’s fans already have the song in their vaults, so a little disappointment can be felt amongst the community. Timbaland promised to share unheard music and the hopes were for one of his originally produced tracks (the rumour is that he wanted to publish different song, but didn’t get the clearance from Aaliyah’s label, Blackground). Below you can see the video with the song snippet that Timbo posted on his instagram:

King stays King 12 25 15!!!!!!!lets get it?????snippet of babegirl 90s flow babe

Film zamieszczony przez użytkownika Timbo the King (@timbaland)


The question is if Timbaland change the beat, that was originally produced by Key Beats and how he complete the song, that has only one verse. One sure thing is that we will get an amazing gift on Christmas time 🙂


With Aaliyah in our heart,

Official merch

Apart from Xyrena products (the spray and fragrance) the Haughton family also launched some clothing products. Check the cool collection by Urban Outfitters here and take a look at amazing collection done by AaliyahAlways here. Support Aaliyahs legacy and buy the products!

Don’t forget to support the #AaliyahForMAC, you can sign the petition here.

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

Aaliyah by Xyrena

As announced today by Rashad, there is an Aaliyah fragrance available!

It can be pre-ordered from the Xyrena online shop. All pre-orders are to be shipped in mid-October. Read more about the fragrance:

Aaliyah™ by Xyrena is the first and only official fragrance tribute to the Princess of R&B. Developed in close collaboration with Diane & Rashad Haughton (the late singer and actress’s mother and brother), Xyrena crafted a true aromatic tribute inspired by actual fragrances Aaliyah wore. Aaliyah by Xyrena is unisex but leans masculine, as Aaliyah favored traditional men’s scents in line with her signature, sexy tomboy image. The formula is also a hue of black which was Aaliyah’s favorite color. Aaliyah by Xyrena has base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender and mandarin.

5% of all sales from this release will be donated to The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.

Aaliyah-Bottle Aaliyah-Bottle-Back

source: Xyrena

Aaliyah by Xyrena | The Official Tribute Fragrance from Xyrena on Vimeo.

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

Dearest, sweet Aaliyah…

As todays marks 14th anniversary of Aaliyahs tragic death we decided to share many beautiful things to make this day more bearable. Despite all the sadness this day carries lets cherish everything we have: videos, photos and especially music. Therefore the Aaliyah.PL Team decided to share many amazing photos of our BabyGirl, a few audio tracks and a video of Aaliyah performing ‘Are You That Somebody?’ on KMEL All Star Jam.

More Than A Woman (DIY Album Acappella)
More Than A Woman (DIY MAW Remix Acappella)
At Your Best You Are Love (Stepper’s Ball Remix Instrumental)
If Your Girl Only Knew (The Extended New Remix)

Are You That Somebody (KMEL All Star Jam)

With Aaliyah, Anthony, Chris, Douglas, Eric, Gina, Keith and Scott in our hearts,
The Team
(AaliyahAlways, AzzIzz, Marta, Sabrina & Zee)

Aaliyah for MAC

Recently a quite big movement started among Aaliyah fans. The goal is to get Aaliyah make-up collection done by MAC Cosmetics, a brand that she loved. It is going great, but still all support the TeamAaliyah can get is needed, as well as signatures for the petition that was made. Yet the most important part of this is the fact that the Haughton Family is on board with us:


You can follow all the news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And of course sign the petition!

Hopefully this will really come into fruition, especially as MAC Cosmetics is aware of our idea:


Lets make it happen TeamAaliyah!

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

Aaliyah.PL Contest: Results

We are happy to announce our Creative Contest results!

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Congratulations! And thank you to all who participated!

The winners will be contacted shortly for all the neccesary information regarding their prizes.

Aaliyah.PL Contest

The team has decided to put together a little contest for the fans as our way of saying thanks for all the support and love that’s been given to us over the years. You will be able to enter to win some really amazing and special prizes!

The rules:
– you need to be an author of your submission
– only one submission per person (we will accept the first one that was sent)
– your submission must be new (no already shared works)
– BE CREATIVE, there are no limitations to what you can put together (may it be artwork, videos, poems etc.)

Just show us what Aaliyah means to you. How has she changed your life or inspired you? Include that thought into whatever it is you decide to create. Contest will run until 9th February to give people time to create and enter. There will be 3 main winners chosen. We will give a full list of prizes closer to the contest ending as we are still putting things together but we promise you won’t wanna miss out!
Please send all of these entries to:
We can’t wait to see what you come up with!