New Songs, Aaliyah’s Father Info & Update

After summer release of “Enough Said” more unreleased songs hit the web, “Quit Hatin” and “Girlfriends”, both produced by Knotch. Unfortunatelly, because RMM is removing download links, we won’t post any, but we can provide some background info about the songs. “Quit Hatin” is a mash-up of 2 unreleased tracks from “Aaliyah” session, the first verse is “He Keeps Me Shaking” and the rest is “Don’t Be Jealous”, both tracks were produced by Keybeats and written by great Static Major. You could hear the part of Aaliyah vocals sampled on A$AP Rocky track, “Fuckin’ Problems“. Unofficially, sources say that the leaked version isn’t the final edit which suppose to appear on the posthumous album, but is the version from upcoming mixtape from DJ Carisma and Dre Sinatra. The second track is no stranger to Aaliyah fans, original version of “Girlfriends” leaked online around 2007 and originaly was a track from Southernaire artist Yaushameen with Aaliyah on the featuring, written by Static.


We also have a sad news about Aaliyah’s father. Michael Haughton passed last year at the age 61. We were told that it happen on November 8th and the cause of death was kidney failure. Michael was laid to rest on November 23rd above his beloved daughter in Rosewood Mausoleum, Ferncliff Cemetery. May them both rest in peace.


At the end, the small update in Audio Center, we added songs Aaliyah recorded for movie soundtracks, the explicit version of “Come Back In One Piece” and more just-aaliyah exclusive tracks, inlcluding rare “Back & Forth” CHR edits, remix instrumental of “Don’t Know What To Tell Ya”, CD quality rips of Master At Work “More Than A Woman” mixes, “One In A Million” edits and rare “The Thing I Like” remix no rap edit and instrumental. All tagged now, but maybe in future we post clean versions 😉


With Aaliyah in our hearts,

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