Aaliyah by Xyrena

As announced today by Rashad, there is an Aaliyah fragrance available!

It can be pre-ordered from the Xyrena online shop. All pre-orders are to be shipped in mid-October. Read more about the fragrance:

Aaliyah™ by Xyrena is the first and only official fragrance tribute to the Princess of R&B. Developed in close collaboration with Diane & Rashad Haughton (the late singer and actress’s mother and brother), Xyrena crafted a true aromatic tribute inspired by actual fragrances Aaliyah wore. Aaliyah by Xyrena is unisex but leans masculine, as Aaliyah favored traditional men’s scents in line with her signature, sexy tomboy image. The formula is also a hue of black which was Aaliyah’s favorite color. Aaliyah by Xyrena has base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and jasmine; middle notes of black pepper, violet and leather; with top notes of mint, lavender and mandarin.

5% of all sales from this release will be donated to The Aaliyah Memorial Fund.

Aaliyah-Bottle Aaliyah-Bottle-Back

source: Xyrena

Aaliyah by Xyrena | The Official Tribute Fragrance from Xyrena on Vimeo.

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

Dearest, sweet Aaliyah…

As todays marks 14th anniversary of Aaliyahs tragic death we decided to share many beautiful things to make this day more bearable. Despite all the sadness this day carries lets cherish everything we have: videos, photos and especially music. Therefore the Aaliyah.PL Team decided to share many amazing photos of our BabyGirl, a few audio tracks and a video of Aaliyah performing ‘Are You That Somebody?’ on KMEL All Star Jam.

More Than A Woman (DIY Album Acappella)
More Than A Woman (DIY MAW Remix Acappella)
At Your Best You Are Love (Stepper’s Ball Remix Instrumental)
If Your Girl Only Knew (The Extended New Remix)

Are You That Somebody (KMEL All Star Jam)

With Aaliyah, Anthony, Chris, Douglas, Eric, Gina, Keith and Scott in our hearts,
The Aaliyah.pl Team
(AaliyahAlways, AzzIzz, Marta, Sabrina & Zee)

Aaliyah for MAC

Recently a quite big movement started among Aaliyah fans. The goal is to get Aaliyah make-up collection done by MAC Cosmetics, a brand that she loved. It is going great, but still all support the TeamAaliyah can get is needed, as well as signatures for the petition that was made. Yet the most important part of this is the fact that the Haughton Family is on board with us:


You can follow all the news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And of course sign the petition!

Hopefully this will really come into fruition, especially as MAC Cosmetics is aware of our idea:


Lets make it happen TeamAaliyah!

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

No Days Go By… – Happy 35th Birthday Aaliyah!

Today Aaliyah would have turned 35. After accomplishing so much by the tender age of 22, one can only imagine where she would be in her life and career today. A unique, gifted, giving and extremely humble artist and human being, Aaliyah left a lasting imprint not only on our hearts and minds, but on the music industry as a whole. So let’s celebrate her life and the legacy she left behind for us to cherish. Take a look at a few high quality photos from her childhood & reminisce along with us.

Happy Birthday LiLi!

With Aaliyah in our hearts,
Zee, AzzIzz, AaliyahAlways & Sabrina

Drake on Aaliyah Album: ‘I Wish Them the Best of Luck’

Is a posthumous Aaliyah album still in the works? After announcing plans to spearhead the project, Drake is now uncertain of its future.

In August 2012, the Toronto MC announced that he and producer Noah “40″ Shebib had been tapped by Blackground Records to produce a new album from Aaliyah and had received the family’s blessing. But once word got out, Aaliyah’s fans and close collaborators expressed their disapproval.

During an interview with Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series this week, Drake was asked about the project’s status.

“I don’t know. I think the press got out of hand and they maybe had a different vision for it or something,” he said. “It was sounding great to me. Whatever they end up doing with it, I wish them the best of luck.”

While he may not be as involved, he hopes that his song will still make the cut. “There might be a record on there with me and her, I’m not sure. It was great. It sounded really good.”

One year ago, Drake released his Aaliyah collaboration “Enough Said” to mixed reviews.

Aaliyah’s friends including Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and DMX were critical of releasing new music from the late singer. “We’re talking about unfinished music and we don’t know her reasoning for not putting those records out,” said Missy.


With Aaliyah in our hearts,

‘One In A Million’ is 17 years old today

Aaliyahs second album, ‘One In A Million’ just turned 17 today! Lets celebrate the release of thi masterpiece, which changed the music back in the days.

With Aaiyah in our hearts,

ΛΛLIYΛH album is 12 years old!

Today, 12 years ago Babygirls final album was released

Lets celebrate this masterpiece by bumpin it all day, trending #‎AaliyahRedAlbum12Years‬ on Twitter!

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

Chris Brown Ft. Aaliyah “Don’t Think They Know” – VIDEO

The long-awaited song and video featuring Aaliyah is finally released! The official title was changed to original “Don’t Think They Know”. As we could see in the preview, Aaliyah was included in the clip with few short scenes from her “Try Again” and “If Your Girl Only Knew” videos. Also, at the end you can read a dedication from Chris speaking for the whole new generation:
“Dear Aaliyah, we love and miss you, thank you for inspiring us all”

The song will be available on up-coming Chris album, “X”, out July 16th.

With Aaliyah in our hearts,

“They Don’t Know – Chris Brown feat. Aaliyah

A little while ago it was announced that Chris Brown is set to record a track featuring Aaliyah’s vocals. Finally we have a release date for it!


Chris Brown has revealed the official release date for the second official single from his new album “X” – “They Don’t Know”.

The Aaliyah assisted track, which features previously unheard vocals from the deceased singer, will be released Monday June 17th alongside the self-directed music video for the track.

Confirming the news on Twitter, the singer also revealed that the singles release will coincide with his new “Unity Campaign” which encourages “all races, genders, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight to love each other!”

Brown recently revealed that the music video for his new single was an attempt to merge both his world and the “hood” together to promote positivity.

A teaser of the music video was recently released by rapper Wale, who was shown the music video in Brown’s tour bus before posting a showing of the clip on Vine.

With Aaliyah in our hearts,