AALIYAH x MAC online and international

Aaliyah x MAC fans around the globe, check your local MAC Cosmetics website to see if the collection is available for sale!
New countries launched today!

So far it’s been launched at:
USA: http://maccosmetics.com
Canada: http://maccosmetics.ca
UK: http://maccosmetics.co.uk
Sweden: http://maccosmetics.se
Norway: http://maccosmetics.no
France: http://maccosmetics.fr
Switzerland: http://maccosmetics.ch
Austria: http://maccosmetics.at
Germany: http://maccosmetics.de
Poland (there are some problems with the collection on the site, MAC workers are fixing this): http://maccosmetics.pl
Netherlands: http://maccosmetics.nl
Denmark: http://maccosmetics.dk
Turkey: http://maccosmetics.com.tr
South Africa: http://maccosmetics.co.za
Australia: http://maccosmetics.com.au
Korea: http://maccosmetics.co.kr
Belgium: http://maccosmetics.be

Important note – the 2 lipliners are available only in North America! Therefore, international buyers can buy only 10 pieces (4x lipstick, 4x lipglass, eyeshadow and brozning powder). Also, the international collection has different logo (“Aaliyah Haughton” instead of “Aaliyah”)

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