With Aaliyah in our hearts…

We really want to keep things positive and celebrate Aaliyah’s life rather than mourn her passing. In helping to do so, we have a few little surprises in store for our beloved TeamAaliyah that we can’t wait to share with you all.

We’ll be trying to keep this day as positive and uplifting as possible because Aaliyah was truly larger than life… and death… and should be remembered as such. We hope that by spreading some joy and smiles around on a day that is usually quite emotionally draining, will make it a little easier to cope with.
Thats why we have some new photos, scans and audio from her performance on the Budweiser Superfest Concert 1997 in Memphis.

Budweiser Superfest Concert – Memphis 1997

We love y’all and thank you for supporting our site for as long as you have. And we love you Aaliyah, for being our inspiration and keeping us motivated. We will never ever forget you.

With Aaliyah, Anthony, Chris, Douglas, Eric, Gina, Keith and Scott in our hearts,
The Aaliyah.pl Team
(AaliyahAlways, AzzIzz, Katty, Marta, Sabrina & Zee)

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